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To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins Acts 26:18a


    Praise the Lord, an amazing amount has happened in the Campaigns for Christ ministry since the last newsletter. On September 27th a team of 33 left for The “Minas for Christ” campaign in Itajuba and Pouso Alegre, Brazil. The campaign was a great success and an answer to many prayers. During the 13 days we distributed over 70,000 customized John and Romans and held 2 evangelistic meetings. Over 105 souls were saved and over 300 visitor cards turned over to the missionaries for follow up. The Lord blessed us with good health (33 negative Covid tests both ways), and a very fruitful and enjoyable campaign. The Doucette family joined us to provide special music for the meetings and the many impromptu meetings held in the parks throughout the week. It was a blessing to be able to work with them on the streets. One particularly interesting event happened in the middle of the campaign. While two of the teams were working in a large Central Park distributing scriptures, a large storm came up suddenly. What started as a light rain grew into a storm that took down large trees blocking some of the roads around the park. What started out as an inconvenience turned out to be a huge blessing. The power was knocked out in the area and hundreds of people came to the park to see the storm damage. We had a very captive audience that had just seen the power of God before them. The two teams (16 people or so) were able to give out over 6,000 scriptures that day. The 3 missionary families that we worked with, Bro. Matt Sherrouse, Bro. Joel Dare & Bro. Matt Mooberry were a tremendous blessing and help. Their vision and organization of all the campaign details was crucial to ensure a successful campaign. We are very grateful for their dedication and vision to reach the Brazilian people and to have been invited to work with them in their mission field.

     A little over 2 weeks after returning from the Brazil campaign, I (Bro. Dave Darling) left for Malawi, Africa for a 9 day survey trip for the August 2022 campaign. We will be working with veteran missionary Bro. David Robinson for that campaign. Once again there was an overwhelming evidence of God answering the prayers of His people. Within the first few days we accomplished our main objectives of finding suitable transportation, lodging, restaurants, sound equipment, a printer to print the invitations, distribution sites and areas where we can hold the evangelistic services. Although our main objective on this trip was not to distribute scriptures, we were able to give out at least 2,500 Chick tracts without a single refusal. Praise the Lord.

Another answer to prayer was that 3 churches came together for the first time in over 3 years for a combined service the Sunday I was there. They’re all dedicated to working together for the upcoming campaign and are looking forward to our arrival in August. 

    The Lord has blessed me to have traveled to over 30 countries from Russia to Papua New Guinea but Malawi was different than I expected. They are among the poorest people on earth yet they were thankful to have us there and were ALL receptive to the gospel tracts. It was an amazing experience. Please pray that the Lord would keep the doors to this great mission field open and that He would put HIS team of 20 people together for our August Campaign. We already have 100,000 bilingual (English & Chichewa) John and Romans on the way to Malawi now. Lord willing, they should be arriving January 20, 2022. The trip is already over ½ full so if you feel the Lord would have you to go you may want to sign up soon. The trip will cost $2900 which includes all expenses (except Covid testing) from Chicago. The dates are August 1st – 14th 2022.  As always, the goal of the campaign will be to distribute the John & Romans with an invitation to come to one of several evangelistic services that we will be holding. It is very possible that we will have several hundred people at each of these meetings. We will have some photos of the survey trip on our website soon. This trip will be more adventurous and demanding than most but also it may be the most rewarding and unforgettable. Please call us if you have any questions about the campaign.



In His Service,

The Campaigns for Christ Staff


I Cor. 15:58

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