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Blantyre, Malawi Africa

August 14th - 27th of 2023

Trip Price: $3,400


Cuauhtemoc, Mexico

June 23rd - July 3rd of 2023

Trip Price: $800


Malawi, Africa 

April 22nd - May 5th of 2024

Trip Price: $3,400

We will send you updates of current trip details, items to bring on a trip, and future campaign schedules.

Feel free to contact us any time with questions regarding any of our trips. 



   1. Coordinate with a missionary or national pastor to host a scripture distribution campaign.

   2. Bring a team of 18-24 people from Baptist Churches in the US and Canada to the city that is hosting the campaign. There we will distribute tens of thousands of customized John and Romans along with an invitation to attend an evangelistic meeting at a neutral location.

3. Encourage the hosting Church and missionaries or pastors by working alongside them distributing the Word of God daily.

  4. Help establish a new local church or strengthen the existing one. The national pastor or missionary often reaps the benefits of hundreds of individual contacts he can follow up on after the campaign is over.

   5. Help the campaign team members to have a renewed vision for missions and for reaching the lost in their own communities.




"The campaign to Malawi Africa in Aug of 2022 was a tremendous experience. The willingness of this poverty-stricken people to receive John-Romans scripture and gospel literature is something that is never seen in America. With 2-3 days of labor in passing out Gospel literature and invitations, 3 separate times, and in 3 separate places, we had around 600 people attend Evangelistic meetings. In each of those meetings we had around 100 people respond to straightforward gospel invitations to receive Christ. There was no funny stuff or crowd manipulation involved at all, but adult men and women came forward, and were thoroughly dealt with by Bible Believing nationals to point them to eternal life in Christ.

With the honor of preaching 2 of the 3 meetings, the response was as close as I have ever come to experiencing a Philadelphia Church Age or John Wesley era type of response to the Gospel. It is a totally different experience than ministering to the public in the US.

In working with missionary David Robinson, his family and the coalition of Malawian Christians that labored with us, looked out for us, and interpreted for us, we were all truly blessed by the experience.

I would urge, in the darkening days before the Rapture, that every pastor, and every Christian, that has never gotten to enjoy really laboring and then harvesting in a short time span, get onboard and sign up for such a campaign as this.

You cannot experience it until you go!"

Kyle Stephens

 Pastor of Blessed Hope Baptist Church

Malawi, Africa Summer 2022

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