This is a great missions trip for just about anyone.  

You will work, you will pray, you will fellowship and you will see God do some special things. Brother Darling and Brother Sadek do a wonderful job organizing the campaign and caring for the missions team.  They have made it affordable and yet you will not lack for excellent accommodations and wonderful food. Husbands and wives should go, teens will excel on this trip. I am thankful to have been a part of the Camargo Campaign and wholeheartedly recommend future campaigns.

Pastor Daniel Haveman
Open Door Baptist Church


I must begin by confessing .. I was exceedingly leery of going into Mexico with all that was on the news. I even called Dave with the intension of canceling my seat.  Dave addressed my concerns and informed me of all the prep work he and Jason had done in visiting the Mission and scouting out the City of Camargo .. including the best food and lodging.  After speaking with him I was at ease and actually began looking forward to my first mission trip.  I can not express how much I was Blessed both during and after our trip.  My group of fellow Christian laborer’s were an instant blessing.  Everything was done in prayerful faith. God’s hand was seen of us all in how he made our way straight.  The people of Camargo Mexico were very gracious, accepting and even appreciative of the John-Romans Bibles we handed out.  This stood in sharp contrast to my experiences of campaigns in the States.  People would many times stop and begin reading their Bibles immediately .. several times we had people come back for more Bibles for loved ones.  At the events we witnessed many step out in faith and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior!  It will choke you up!  It is a great feeling knowing that thousands and thousands of Bibles, the very word of God in their own language, were left behind long after we were gone.  Knowing that God’s word can not return void .. I know this small but incredible adventure .. in a small part … will go on to save souls and change lives for years to come.  I am a Blessed Man!


Mike K

I have never been on a mission trip with Campaigns for Christ, but I have been with Brother Darling on two Couriers for Christ mission trips and have known him for many years. One trip was to Vilnius, Lithuania, and the other to Sophia, Bulgaria. He has a zeal for souls, and a talent for being able to organize a group of people to be able to distribute a lot of gospel literature in a little bit of time. It has been a blessing to work with Brother Darling over the years getting the gospel out here at home and abroad.

I encourage any Christian to take one of these trips. You will grow and you will be blessed, and most importantly God will be pleased as you step out in faith to get the gospel out where there is a great need.

Pastor Steve Cariveau

Lion of Judah Baptist Church

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