AUGUST 1st - 14th 2022

Letter from Dave Darling:

A little over 2 weeks after returning from the Brazil campaign, I (Bro. Dave Darling) left for Malawi, Africa for a 9 day survey trip for the August 2022 campaign. We will be working with veteran missionary Bro. David Robinson for that campaign. Once again there was an overwhelming evidence of God answering the prayers of His people. Within the first few days we accomplished our main objectives of finding suitable transportation, lodging, restaurants, sound equipment, a printer to print the invitations, distribution sites and areas where we can hold the evangelistic services. Although our main objective on this trip was not to distribute scriptures, we were able to give out at least 2,500 Chick tracts without a single refusal. Praise the Lord.

Another answer to prayer was that 3 churches came together for the first time in over 3 years for a combined service the Sunday I was there. They’re all dedicated to working together for the upcoming campaign and are looking forward to our arrival in August. 

    The Lord has blessed me to have traveled to over 30 countries from Russia to Papua New Guinea but Malawi was different than I expected. They are among the poorest people on earth yet they were thankful to have us there and were ALL receptive to the gospel tracts. It was an amazing experience. Please pray that the Lord would keep the doors to this great mission field open and that He would put HIS team of 20 people together for our August Campaign. We already have 100,000 bilingual (English & Chichewa) John and Romans on the way to Malawi now. Lord willing, they should be arriving January 20, 2022. The trip is already over ½ full so if you feel the Lord would have you to go you may want to sign up soon. The trip will cost $2900 which includes all expenses (except Covid testing) from Chicago. The dates are August 1st – 14th 2022.  As always, the goal of the campaign will be to distribute the John & Romans with an invitation to come to one of several evangelistic services that we will be holding. It is very possible that we will have several hundred people at each of these meetings. 

Price: $2900

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JUNE 25th - JULY 2nd 2022

These trips fill up fast! We're excited to have the opportunity to bring thousands of John and Romans scripture books to the souls in Juarez, Mexico this summer. Would you prayerfully consider joining Campaigns for Christ on this trip?

Price: $800


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Spring of 2019

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Spring of 2021

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Fall of 2021

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April of 2023 Exact dates TBD

The African country of Malawi is a ripe foreign mission field full and ready for the harvest.

On a recent survey trip, less than five Malawians refused a single tract. These people are spiritually starving for the truth. The Lord of the harvest has called many...but few are chosen. Will you prayerfully consider being our fellowlaborer on this trip?

Price: $3100